REI Credit Card

As far as credit cards offered from banks, the US Bank, via the REI Credit Card is stepping up to the plate with its offerings. They are even making a nice splash when it comes to their interest rates as well. The best way though to get approved for the REI Credit Card is to definitely have a great credit history so that you will be able to take advantage of the REI Credit Card best. The higher your interest rate is with them, the closer you are to being just offered the same basic rates that can be provided you by so many other banks and with so many more perks. However, as we mentioned, if you are looking for a great APR and bank, this REI Credit Card should get added on your list to check into before making a decision.

Decisions made for a great credit card product have to be based on what you really need in your life as a consumer. If you are looking for a really basic type of card that doesn’t have you combined with a whole lot of other programs, then the REI Credit Card is just about as basic as they come. If you are satisfied with just having rental car privileges, traveller insurance, and a few special dining privileges, then the REI Credit Card is something you should really consider. This card is great as far as being just a basic card for those who feel that all other cards may offer greater rates but are considered confusing as far as figuring out how to really take advantage of them best.


If you are looking for a card that has international perks, fine dining perks, concert ticket discounts and the like, the REI Credit Card is definitely not for you. As we mentioned before, there are way too many cards available on the market that really offer a whole lot more in terms of perks at maybe the same APR even. Make sure to shop around and make sure that whatever you are looking forward to getting out of your card use is actually part of the deal before you sign up. People who don't like having a card where they can't get so many discounts for a wide range of things all the time definitely shouldn't look into having this card. The REI Credit Card will serve you best if you are looking more for being on the basic side of things and build your credit all at the same time. People who love the REI Credit Card also love it for the feeling that they aren't involved in so many additional programs that would potentially damage their credit rating. Protecting your credit worthiness is definitely always a great mindset to have also when searching for credit products. Make sure that you read the fine print always and sign up for the REI Credit Card if this is the most advantageous card for you not only because of its perks but because of the APR they will offer you and the other terms of the agreement that suit your needs.